Caja protectora - Feldherr killteam Orkomandos
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Caja protectora - Feldherr killteam Orkomandos

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Even on secret missions behind enemy lines, ‘da Ork Kommandos kause a mighty lot uv ruckus an' destruction. an lots uv lovely 'plosions.

The Octarius set for Kill Team contains 2 fully-fledged Teams, a total of 23 detailed miniatures. The orkish part, 12 heavily armed Ork Kommandos including a Kommando Grots and even a Bomb Squig find shelter in this ork-colored Magnetic box. The included Feldherr custom foam tray ensures that no tooth breaks off, no Burna suffers premature material fatigue and your Greenskins can be safely stored and transported.

The set consists of:

  • 1 Feldherr Magnetic box green
  • 1 Half-Size foam tray for 12 Ork Kommandos (HS050I012BO)
  • 1 foam topper

To protect your miniatures, we've packed 1 Half-Size foam insert into the Magnetic box. Whether Breacha Boy or a Bomb Squig, each model gets its own compartment.

Thanks to the custom-fit cut, the miniatures have a tight fit. Even if the miniatures are shaken vigorously during transport or Gork and Mork stomp around, the figures remain in place. The soft, fine-pored foam protects intricate details, such as Shootas, claws and teeth, from breaking off and the colors of your painted models from scratches and paint abrasion.

  • Each of the 12 compartments is 54 mm long x 41 mm wide x 40 mm deep.

To prevent your miniatures from deserting or falling out of their compartments before the mission even begins, a matching foam topper keeps them in their prison and ensures that your miniatures are optimally protected from all sides.

The Magnetic Box is the ideal solution for storage and transport due to its low weight and flat, rectangular shape. It consists of coated solid cardboard in modern Feldherr design. The green box, in which the foam mats are placed, is firmly glued to the casing. This also serves as a lid. Two integrated magnets on the flap and front allow a seamless and easy closing so that nothing gets lost during transport.

Hereby, everything is neatly and safely stowed away. And your Kill Team is ready to wreak havoc.

Dimensions of the Magnetic Box:

  • Inside: approx. 275 mm x 172 mm x 55 mm
  • Outside: approx. 290 mm x 180 mm x 60 mm

The Half-Size foam tray has the dimensions: 275 mm x 172 mm x 50 mm total height (40 mm usable height + 10 mm foam base).

  • high-quality, fine pored foam - Made in Germany
  • chlorine and acid-free

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